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Direct Help with school textbooks.
Teachers specialized in their fields.
Combined experience of more than 40 years.
Chance to customize group from following: One On One, Group Of 4, Group Of 10, Group Of 15.
Open year-round : Weekday – Evening
Weekends – Morning To Late Evening.
Flexible schedule with make-up class arrangements.
Affordable fees with different payment options.
Offering classes for all level: CP, Honors, Gifted and accelerated track.
Work according to student’s speed and understanding.
Personalized attention.
Close monitoring of school’s results.
Classes for 4th grade to 12th grade.
We assist students from Grades 4 to12 level achieve dramatic
improvements in their grades, self-esteem and confidence. We teach all
Math and Science, Academic Subjects, as well as state standardized test prep (SAT, PSAT, DUKE TIP, School Subjects, CRCT/ITBS, among others). Our services are available by classroom enviornment, with a process designed to simulate the experience of face-to-face interaction.
Highly Trained Tutors
We only hire the best and the brightest tutors, with the highest level of commitment to teaching, and with a passion and dedication to the profession. All our tutors are extremely well qualified, with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, Tutors come to us as active high school and college teachers, retired teachers, most with several years of experience and a sincere desire to help students succeed.The common binding thread is that they are all experienced teachers who have the ability to make the topics come alive, stimulate their interest and inspire their students to excel in the given subject. This is achieved through continuous training and updating our tutors with the latest academic information. They are intrinsically motivated educators with a passion for teaching and for sharing the secrets of both the subject matter and the learning process.
At Global Academy, our curriculum content is based on the school curriculum. Our first goal is to improve performance of the student. We recommend that student bring their school textbook and other study resources given by their school teacher, so that we will try to fill out any deficiency (If any). The students are monitored by the tutors, and academic directors. Parents can post regular progress reports on our website and our tutors are going to work to improve student’s performance.
Mission Statement
At Global Academy we believe all students can succeed with the appropriate
help and guidance. Our mission is to help students reach their full potential. We achieve this by providing high quality and cost effective tutoring services. Via state of the art web technology, we are Raising the Bar for Global Education.