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Batch Duration Time Class Duration
SAT 36 hours Weekends 4 hrs/week
PSAT 24 hours Weekends 3 hrs/week
DUKE TIP 36 hours Weekends 3 hrs/week
School Subjects Need based customized Weekends/Weekdays hr/wk
CRCT/ITBS Need based customized Weekends/Weekdays 1-3 hrs/week
Assignment Help, Homework Help
Global Academy provides assignment help for all academic subjects from grade 4 to 12. Assignment help is available during their regular schedule class. Our assignment tutors are highly experiences and have solved more than thousand assignments for all levels. Student can get SAT assignment help, PAST assignment help, DUKE TIP assignment help, School Subjects assignment help, CRCT/ITBS assignment help.
Preparation for Standardized Tests
Global Academy helps to prepare for Standardized Tests. I.e. SAT, PSAT, DUKE TIP, School Subjects, CRCT/ITBS etc. We provide exam preparation help for all Standardized Exams. Our tutors are well experienced to provide help to prepare for students. They are well aware about the syllabus of all standardized exams like SAT, PSAT, ACT, DUKE TIP, School Subjects, CRCT/ITBS etc. We provide Exam preparation service per hours basis and have pre defined package as well. You can schedule classes according to your convenience. We are available to help students. Students are supposed to send their schedule for one week in advance and if want to cancel any class need to inform 7 days in advance. If students are preparing for exams and looking for study material, they can contact to get study material according to their requirements.